hotel 81 singapore

Hotel 81 Singapore, a Safe and Child-Friendly Staycation Place

Hotel 81 is a staycation place in Singapore. It can not only be used for work or travel for adults but also children. Why is it friendly? Here is some detailde information about the following facilities and services.

  • Room Type

Room is the principal consideration that you should pay attention to before deciding to stay at a hotel. However, Hotel 81 provides room types with double beds that give children more freedom to rest.

Generally, children act a lot while sleeping. When the mattress is too narrow, they will fall to the floor more easily. The rooms are also spacious to accommodate children’s movement so they can express their feelings as kids.

  • Swimming Pool and Bath Facilities

The first facility that children want to try on a staycation at a hotel is a swimming pool. Children love to play in the water and explore, so they don’t just sleep in their room. They can have an adventure by swimming.

However, that’s not all, because the bathtub will make their holiday time more enjoyable by playing with water in the bathroom. It’s that simple with the best facilities of a kid-friendly hotel.

  • Food

Do your kids like snacks a lot? Even though they have got a free breakfast, the menu must also be according to their taste and tongue. The simple menu like fried rice, toast and even ice cream as dessert has made the children tasteful and not lazy for breakfast.

The drinks provided are guaranteed to be healthy. Milk and smoothies are also varied. It makes the children feel happy to choose the breakfast menu, especially since there are various cakes and donuts.

  • Play Area

Playground or play area is an added value in the eyes of children, so they will feel at home for a long stay. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, the playground is the main facility they are looking for and want to try.

They will appreciate it and the joy of the heart will increase even more. The colorful and free play area in the hotel allows them to play to their heart’s content.

  • Park and Jogging Track

Even though the rooms are spacious and make them comfortable, children will still be curious about the scenery outside the hotel. The cool and natural scenery outdoors, cannot replace the atmosphere indoors.

Beautiful gardens and jogging tracks that are long enough to take can make children more cheerful when on vacation. That way, they will remember the fun moments and invite their parents to come back to the same place again.

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The child-friendly Hotel 81 will make them feel at home on vacation and experience new experiences. Rent fees for children are even declared free and will be very beneficial for those who want to save on the budget.

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